I Am Two With Nature 16×20″ Acrylic on canvas


Each original artwork starts with a subject idea that is meaningful for me personally, followed by daydreaming and a sketch. I painstakingly work on each piece, whether it be for three weeks or more, until each and every detail is right. I use the highest quality paints and cover the painting with a varnish so that it will not crack nor yellow. The canvas is top-grade and hand woven in India, and finished with three coats of primer. The stretcher bars are made of solid wood and are treated to be warp-proof. These pieces are made to last.


I Am Two With Nature   16×20″   Acrylic on canvas

I am two with nature was, I believe, Woody Allen’s first published joke. Woody Allen is a writer, director, actor, comedian who has produced numerous films – both comedic films and dramas. He has published books including Without Feathers, Getting Even and Side Effects, which are hilarious. Many of these movies have received vast international acclaim and won awards including Oscars, BAFTA and Golden Globes. I myself was at the Writer’s Guild Awards in New York City; his sister accepted his award saying that Woody most appreciates awards given by his fellow writers. His work has unquestionably influenced many areas of American and Jewish life, trends and culture. His most popular films include: Annie Hall, Hannah and Her Sisters, Match Point, Love and Death, Play It Again, Sam, Bananas and Manhattan. The man is an artistic genius.



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