Moritz “Moshe” Wolkenfeld 1908-1945 36×24 Oil on canvas


Each original artwork starts with a subject idea that is meaningful for me personally, followed by daydreaming and a sketch. I painstakingly work on each piece, whether it be for three weeks or more, until each and every detail is right. I use the highest quality paints and cover the painting with a varnish so that it will not crack nor yellow. The canvas is top-grade and hand woven in India, and finished with three coats of primer. The stretcher bars are made of solid wood and are treated to be warp-proof. These pieces are made to last.


Moritz “Moshe” Wolkenfeld 1908-1945   36×24   Oil on canvas

This painting is of a Jewish man, the Grandfather of a dear friend of mine, Rabbi David Wolkenfeld. When I saw this photo his face drew me in and I needed to paint his portrait. His story is like so many during the Holocaust. His family was able to escape and he was to follow, but sadly this didn’t happen. He was murdered in a concentration camp in Germany. This painting is more than an homage to him, it is a testimony to all those who perished and an urge to never forget. Anti-semitism is real and growing in our world today. I am proud to add him to my portraiture collection. I am available for portrait commissions.