Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, 1895-1986. 16×20 Oil on canvas


Each original artwork starts with a subject idea that is meaningful for me personally, followed by daydreaming and a sketch. I painstakingly work on each piece, whether it be for three weeks or more, until each and every detail is right. I use the highest quality paints and cover the painting with a varnish so that it will not crack nor yellow. The canvas is top-grade and hand woven in India, and finished with three coats of primer. The stretcher bars are made of solid wood and are treated to be warp-proof. These pieces are made to last.

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, 1895-1986.   16×20   Oil on canvas

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein was known for his great wisdom in halakha, his Torah and
Talmud scholarship and his profound compassion. He was a posek, a teacher and a
leader. His knowledge was indeed sought out by observant Ashkenazi Jews all over the
world. He was born near Minsk, the son of a Rabbi. He served as a Rabbi in Luban until
moving to the US in 1937 where he became Rosh Yeshiva of a Yeshiva in New York.
His halachic decisions remain important today. He was a vital sage to the Jewish people
and remains a link for Jews to the greatness of European Jewry before the devastation
of WWII.


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