Sara Thobe, Artist



“We commissioned Sara to paint a portrait of my grandfather after he passed away, as a present for my grandmother. I had never commissioned art before but Sara knew exactly what she was doing. I sent her lots of different pictures of him, and she asked me lots of questions to get to know him better. And then she took it from there.

My grandfather was a Holocaust survivor who was devoted to his family and the Jewish people, and he spent his later years educating thousands about the Holocaust. Sara was able to capture his inner strength and determination in her painting in a way that a simple photograph isn’t always able to do.

We gave the portrait to my grandmother as a present on the 76th anniversary of my grandfather’s liberation from the Buchenwald concentration camp – the first time our family has marked that anniversary since he died last year. She was so moved by the painting when we gave it to her. She couldn’t get over how beautiful it was, and said “this is the man I fell in love with.”

Thank you so much Sara for the wonderful portrait. I highly recommend Sara for anyone looking to commission a portrait!!”

– Tali Winkler, New York