Elie Wiesel 1928-2016 18×18″ Oil on canvas


Our prints are the very highest quality available. Our lab uses pigment printing which is the standard for fine art prints and is archival 200+ years. The paper has a heavy weight and is coated with baryta, which makes for greater detail and definition, extended tonal range and provides a semi-gloss sheen that makes the image exceedingly vibrant. The prints are all standard frame sizes making them easy to frame. We ship them flat in protective packaging so that they will not bend.

Custom sized prints are available upon request!


Elie Wiesel 1928-2016   18×18″  Oil on canvas 

Elie Wiesel was a Jewish writer, teacher, activist, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize Winner. He is well-known for his trilogy of books: Night, Dawn and Day that deals with his experiences in concentration camps of the Holocaust and issues such a grief, horror, memory and redemption as well as many other books. I am currently reading Wise Men and Their Tales: Portraits of Biblical, Talmudic, and Hasidic Masters which truly shows the vast knowledge he has for the history of Judaism, tradition, observance and key figures in its past. He writes with a sensitivity, honesty and depth of insight that most writers do not have. His legacy will, G-d willing, be that our world remembers the severity and devastation of Hitler’s German for infinite generations to come. More than all of this, I believe, he is someone Jews today and everyday can look up to.



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